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ISAL conducts its productive process with the deepest care for quality, safety and sustainability

As a member of the Kärcher group, ISAL shares the meticulousness and attention to quality, and the “philosophy of excellence” which distinguish the company in the group. For these reasons, ISAL has chosen SGS, the world’s leader certification agency. As ISAL carries out its daily activities, it operates according to fundamental values – at each step in the production process – that are the essential condition for offering quality products and services. That’s why ISAL conducts its everyday work according to these core values:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Ongoing research into more effective processes and performance
  • Elimination of risks in the workplace


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 certification is the official confirmation of the attention we pay to the quality of both products and internal processes.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 is commonly known as “Environmental Certification”. It sets standards of excellence for the environmental sustainability of production processes.

On the practical level, ISAL S.r.l. has taken measures aimed at lowering CO2 emissions, thus conserving environmental resources to such an extent that water consumption and the amount of production discards continue to drop, despite the company’s increased production of machines.

Spazzatrice ISAL PB200 con operatore a bordo
Spazzatrice ISAL PB200 con operatore a bordo