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Municipal sweepers for big areas and city streets

Municipal sweepers are the best ISAL offers to its customers for cleaning urban or very big areas, as well as city streets. They are particularly efficient machines, and now they are also more environment-friendly, thanks to the new model which features the euro 6 diesel engine. Our municipal sweepers guarantee exceptional cleaning performance in every environment and condition. ISAL produces sturdy, resistant, yet compact, urban sweepers; they are easy to maneuver and they can be used in every season throughout the year.

ISAL municipal sweepers represent the ideal solution for cleaning big areas, both urban and suburban, such

  • ports
  • airports
  • city streets
  • vast industrial areas.

The municipal sweepers have a unique feature: their ability to empty the waste container at a maximum height of 2400 mm, directly into dedicated waste separation and recycling areas and they ensure a complete, fast and effective cleaning of every area.