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ISAL sweepers: quickly and effectively clean environments of different sizes

ISAL professional cleaning machines are available in different models, all easy to handle, light and sturdy, ideal for cleaning industrial or office environments and to resist over time. The sweepers we offer are of different sizes, with different types of brushes and available with different types of power supplies (electric motor, diesel, petrol, LPG). All solutions guarantee high performance in terms of m2 / h, high cleaning efficiency and exceptional autonomy. Thanks to the quality of the materials and the design study, the maintenance of the sweepers is extremely easy and fast and thanks to the functional design the machines take up very little space, are light and easily transportable.

ISAL professional sweepers are ideal for daily cleaning of surfaces of different sizes, both internal and external, such as:

  • industrial flooring
  • offices
  • living spaces
  • logistics warehouses
  • shopping centers
  • stations
  • loading/unloading areas
  • parking lots.

Among the ISAL models it is also possible to find innovative models with practical and safe unloading.