ISAL 6000 stage 3a

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Spazzatrici urbane ISAL 6000 e 6000E

6000 stage 3a

Urban Sweepers

The ISAL 6000 municipal sweeper is the company’s solution for cleaning urban, suburban and very large areas. It also offers all the qualities of other ISAL machines: sturdiness, strength and compact size.


Brushes and Filters

  • This machine is equipped with a patented system for the control and hydraulic regulation of the pressure on the main brush. It’s called the Clever Detective System, and it enables the machine to clean very thoroughly even on dips in roads and on irregular pavement.

  • A third side brush controlled directly by the operator with a joystick in the cabin can operate on both sides of the machine, for sweeping that is even more effective.

  • Equipped with a dust filter made of cotton and polyester fabric


  • It’s the perfect machine for street sweeping in urban and suburban areas, in sea ports and airports, and in very large industrial areas, thanks to its “mechanical suction” system.


  • Equipped with a Mercedes 129 KW Diesel engine


  • The extra feature that makes this machine a one-of-a-kind sweeper is its ability to empty the waste container at a maximum height of 2400 mm directly into dedicated waste separation and recycling areas.

  • A flexible tube can be used to completely clean areas that the machine cannot easily reach.


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Technical Specifications

Drive  kW Diesel 129 EU Stage 3 A
Area performance  m²/h 65000
Working width central cylindrical brush  mm 1320
Working width 2 sides brush  mm 2600
Waste container capacity  l 6000
Working speed  km/h 0-20
Transfer speed  km/h 0-42
Weight  Kg 8300
Dimensions (L x W x H)  mm 5670 x 2530 x 2930