Post-sales assistance

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Full assistance and support

ISAL takes care of providing a complete and efficient service at every stage of the purchase. Our staff take care of customer from the beginning, from the choice and definition of the best sweepers based on needs and the sector of application. The technical staff, constantly updated and highly specialized, indicates the ideal sweeper and explains the technical specifications and methods of use.

But after the purchase it is also necessary to provide for the correct maintenance of the machine, in order to maintain its functionality and cleaning power over time. ISAL takes care of supporting its customers in this phase with a precise and punctual service, provided by highly qualified personnel.

ISAL technical assistance services

ISAL takes care of providing timely technical support whenever our customers encounter a problem or difficulty in managing and maintaining the sweeper. Our specialized team then provides telephone or e-mail assistance to help solve various problems. At the same time, at the time of purchase (or upon request), it provides the following technical documentation:

  • dedicated manuals with hydraulic and electrical diagrams;
  • long-term maintenance programs;
  • lists of recommended materials and spare parts.